Newark Newspapers


From A History of the City of Newark New Jersey Embracing Practically Two and a Half Centuries 1666 - 1913:

For a half century and more, beginning with the spring of 1791, the newspapers of Newark were its most potent literary influence. Curing that period some of the best-edited journals in the United States throve here. The first publication of any sort produced in Newark was the half dozen or so copes of Hugh Gaine's New York Gazette and Weekly Mercury, issued during the fall of 1776, when Gaine, fearing to remain longer in New York because of the approach of the British, moved his printing Paraphernalia to Newark and who then, concluding that the patriot cause was practically lost, returned to New York and resumed his newspaper, but as an organ of the King.

Newspapers (microfilm) found at the NJ State Archives.

Newspaper Delivery Founded Ended 1873 1930
Anti-Jacksonian   1928      
Citizen-Chat         Yes
Der Erzahler (German, Sunday edition of Freie Zeitung   <1911>     Yes
East Orange Ampere Citizen Weekly       Yes
Evening Star   <1911>      
Frusta La (Italian) Weekly <1911>      
Issue (Anti-Saloon) Weekly <1911>      
Italian Tribune Weekly July 29, 1931      
Jewish Chronicle         Yes
Jewish Morning Journal (Foreign)         Yes
Jewish Times         Yes
Jewish Voice         Yes
Kronika (Polish) Weekly <1911>      
L'Ora Weekly <1911>      
L'Italo Americano Weekly       Yes
La Montagna (The Mountain, Italian, Republican) Weekly <1911>     Yes
Manufacturers' Gazette Monthly     Yes  
Master Painter and Decorator         Yes
Modern Spectator Weekly November 27, 1807      
Modern Messenger   1817      
Monitor Weekly <1911>      
Morning Post   1844      
Morning Star   October 22, 1906      
New Jersey Commerce & Rinance Weekly <1911>      
New Jersey Eagle   July 28, 1820      
New Jersey Deutsche Zeitung          
New Jersey Freie Zeitung (German) Daily/Sunday 1857   Yes Yes
New Jersey Trade Review Semi-Monthly <1911>      
New Jersey Volksmann Daily/Sunday     Yes  
Newark Daily Advertiser Daily March 1, 1832   Yes  
Newark Daily Journal Daily/Weekly November, 1857   Yes  
Newark Daily Mercury   1848      
Newark Daily Press   1872      
Newark Evening Courier Daily/Weekly June 18, 1866   Yes  
Newark Evening Journal    1857      
Newark Evening News Daily September, 1883     Yes
Newark Free Press   1883      
Newark Gazette
(Newark's first newspaper)
  May 13, 1791 1804    
Newark Intelligencer   1827      
Newark Jewish Daily Forward Daily       Yes
Newark Ledger Daily/Sunday 1893     Yes
Newark Manufacturers' Gazette Monthly February, 1870   Yes  
Newark Monitor   1829      
Newark Morning Eagle   1847      
Newark Morning Journal & People's Paper Daily     Yes  
Newark Morning Register Daily 1869    Yes  
Newark Morning Times   1891       
Newark Pionier   1885      
Newark Press-Register   1886      
Newark Star-Eagle         Yes
Newark Star-Ledger Daily/Sunday        
Newark Sunday Call Sunday May 18, 1872     Yes
Newarker Monthly       Yes
Patria Portuguesa Weekly       Yes
Railroad Employee Monthly <1911>      
Republican Herald   December 25, 1804      
Review (La Rivista, Italian & English) Weekly <1911>      
Roseville Citizen         Yes
Roseville Weekly Weekly <1911>      
Saturday Night Weekly     Yes  
Sentinel of Freedom & Weekly Advertiser
(Newark's second newspaper)
Weekly October 5, 1796   Yes  
State Democrat Weekly <1911>      
Temperance Advocate   1840      
Temperance Star   1842      
Tariff Advocate   1843      
Town Talk Weekly <1911>      
Union Labor Messenger Monthly       Yes
Weequahic News Weekly       Yes
Woods Gazette   May 13, 1791